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What people are saying

Lafayette Harris

"Great, friendly and helpful. Dimitry is just the best, he really caters to personal needs"

Rachel Bakshiyev

"Dimitry was excellent, look no further!  I needed to shed some calories after a C section and twins, and I was a complicated case - with limitations and restrictions - and he worked around all of them!  Highly recommend!!!!"

Katie McGinn

"Jersey trainer is the best. He is always accommodating, and always gives the best work outs until the end . I always feel better after each workout , he always listens to what you are telling or asking him .  Great value for the money . He is very easy going and always has different workouts you will never do the same work out again"

Shari B.

"Dimitry is an excellent trainer. He is positive, encouraging and pushes you to get stronger with each session. Workouts are always different, so you always feel challenged and never bored. He is incredibly knowledgeable  about health and fitness and honestly cares about his clients. I couldn't recommend him enough!"

Anthony Brienza

"Dimitry is a great trainer who worked me to my full potential and had a great time doing it. Had to stop for baseball but if I have to chose a trainer in the area I will always go to Dimitry"

Warren Zwirn

"I highly recommend Dimitry. I have been training with him for about 4 months and he has been excellent. He absolutely pushes you but also makes it interesting and fun with a lot of different types of workouts. He is very personable and easy to get along with.  I am very happy with him and look forward to our sessions. Most importantly, I am definitely seeing results and am feeling so much healthier"

Matthew B.

"I have worked with this trainer for almost a year now. Dimitry is awesome at what he does. He motivates you to work harder than you ever realize. I have seen positive results since I started with him and continue today to go harder and stronger"

Holli M.

"I have been working with Dimitry for over 6 months and he is extremely motivating and easy to work with.  I bought a groupon and continued to work with him after the groupon sessions were finished.  He creates a workout tailored to your own level of comfortability, making sure that he isnt pushing you too hard but also that you are still getting in a good workout.  I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer"

Greg Aaron

"Dimitry Is the best trainer I’ve worked with. He is knowledgeable and worked with my training needs to help me reach my goals. I recommend him to anyone serious about training or even just trying to get back into the swing of things. 👌   10/10 would train with him again"

Sherrie String

"Dimitry is a dedicated personal trainer focused on meeting my individual goals and meeting me where both my mind and body may be on any given workout session. He keeps workouts fun with attention on the movement to improve outcomes, performance and to minimize injury.  Most importantly he is adaptable to my schedule, provides recommendations for exercises and workouts between sessions and follows through to keep coaching before, during and after to increase sustained performance"

Maria D'Auria

"Excellent and awesome trainer"

Chris Crysanthou

"D is the man! I’ve been using him on and off for 3 years whenever I need that extra push. He loves what he does and is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and health. He not only pushes me to work out hard but we have great discussions about current events in between sets. I would highly recommend Dimitry to anyone looking to better themselves"

Karen Yeboah

"Dimitry is the best personal trainer. He helped me get back in shape for my bachelorette party weekend and was super easy to talk too. He also gave me great advice on nutrition. I miss him training me"

Danielle P.

 "Dimitry loves what he does which makes working out fun! I always avoided working out because I didn't want to feel sore and unable to move the following days. The stretch therapy at the end of the session helps so I have increased flexibility and am able to move freely the next day"

Eleena Volk

 "I used to be a string bean and now I am a more toned string bean thanks to Dimitry! He really pushes you to work out and get healthy in all aspects, including nutrition. I used to never go to the gym but got the confidence to start going on my own in between sessions because I learned so much. I've seen results really quickly and would definitely recommend him to anyone!!"

Patrick McGinn

"Dimitry has been instrumental in helping me to achieve the results I’ve sought for a long time. He keeps me motivated and chllaneges me to complete workouts I would have never done on my own. I look forward to continued results! I would recommend him to anyone"

Sushma Sahni

"My husband and I have been training with Dimitry for over eight years. Since we are doctors we believe in staying healthy and we wanted the most knowledgeable trainer. He is the best"

Karen Poulillo

"Dimitry is knowledgeable about proper training, fitness and nutrition. He works well with people of any age or fitness level. He adapts workouts to fit the needs and goals of the clients he is working with. He loves what he does so he makes it fun"

Marina B.

 "Let me start off by saying that I hated to work out and never went to gym. I had no motivation and was easily bored/distracted working out (or more commonly exhausted after a few minutes). The few times I did work out I would give up only after a few sessions (or a few min).
Hiring Dimitry as my Personal Trainer is one of the best decisions I have ever made and now I actually look forward to my workouts and saw/felt results rather quickly (both mind & body).
Dimitry is very encouraging and motivating. He mixes things up and keeps each session challenging while also making them super fun and enjoyable (seriously!). His training technique (including communication) really works magic!
Dimitry is also very reliable and always on time. The stretching and physical message that he does at the end does wonders"

Brianna Muenzer

 "I began training with Dimitry last Fall and quickly started noticing results. I feel stronger and leaner after every session. He makes working out fun and our sessions fly by. He holds me accountable for my fitness and eating habits and always challenges me to improve upon them. I definitely recommend Dimitry to anyone looking to work out and make lifestyle changes regardless of fitness level!"

Michael Boticelli

"Dimitry is a great personal trainer. He keeps the workouts interesting and challenging. And no passes! That's the way a workout should be! He works with you and busy schedules."

Elyssa Volk

"Great trainer! Nice, funny, and very motivational. Highly recommend"

Allison Galkin

"I have been training with Dimitry for a few years now. He is always on time and always has positive energy. He is easy going and works out the parts that you want to improve. He has helped me lose weight and tone up. I would definitely recommend to those that need the extra motivation or don't have time to hit the gym"

Loreen John

"I got a Christmas gift and had Dimitry train me at home. I must say I was extremely happy with his training. He is a true professional who takes pride in what he does, his schedule is quite flexible and he is always on time, easy to talk to and fun to workout with. I highly recommend him."

Rich Poulillo

"Dimitry has been training my wife and I for about 2 years.  He is personable, friendly and very in tune with our fitness needs and goals. He always makes us laugh so working out becomes fun!  I would recommend him to anyone for their fitness needs"

Tresa Spano

"I have tried several trainers and several gyms in Monmouth and Ocean Counties over the last 5 years. I have to say that Dimitry is definitely one of the best trainers I've worked with. He is available days evenings and weekends which sets him apart from others. He takes an interest in your goals and works around your weaknesses. He is funny and smart as well. You cant go wrong."

Cheryl Elice

"Dimitry brings a positive energy that is contagious! He gives a solid workout, takes the time to understand and accommodate for injuries, flexible with scheduling, and available any time with questions. He truly cares about his clients!"

Frayda C.

"I have to say I'm surprised how positive and productive even one session was. I'm looking forward to the next ones!"

Christina Dipompo

"I have been working with Dimitry for the last few months and already see such a change in my body! He's so great to work out with. Always switches up my workouts and makes it fun and creative! I feel very comfortable working one on one with him! He's fun, always on time, and works around my crazy schedule. I highly recommend him!"

Shane J.

"I've been working with Dimitry since 2009 at the clubhouse. He always keeps the routine fresh and keeps me motivated. I don't normally like to exercise and he is the only reason I do it every week"

Dorianne Crecco

"I have had a few personal trainers that I thought were great, but I felt it was time for a change. Dimitry exceeded my expectations of what a total package should be of a great trainer. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Dimitry's professionalism & extreme knowledge makes each workout challenging, creative, & effective!"

Joanna M.

"I am loving my in-home training sessions with Dimitry. His workouts are both challenging and fun. And his approach is supportive and motivating to help me achieve my fitness goals!"

Erica Rodriguez

"Dimitry is a great person and trainer. He really loves what he does and shows it when he trains you. He makes you feel important and never rushes through any exercises. He modifies any exercise to your needs and comfort level. This is the first time I ever had a personal trainer. So glad I had the opportunity to meet him and work with him. Made me feel super comfortable"

Richard Ferris

"What an awesome personal trainer! He really works with you to achieve what you want. Also he is very flexible and can work with your schedule even if it's inconsistent. I didn't really go to the gym much before working out with him, now I go all the time. He also mixes up the exercises each time so you can always do something different and not get bored with the same old routine. Would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Donna S.

"Dimitry is extremely professional, fun, and always changes up the routines so it is never boring. He helped me get in better shape and lessened by chronic low back pain. He is awesome and I would highly recommend him!"

Maureen Costa

"This is the best trainer ever! He really helped me with my training needs. I got into great shape working out with him"

Eric Gruntfest

"I chose Dimitry because I am extremely busy and don't have a consistent schedule. He is super accommodating and has an option for live Skype sessions. This helped me work around an erratic schedule and thanks to his motivation, I can finally touch my nose with my toe!"

Poornima Deshmukh

"Dimitry is extremely sincere and professional and works with whatever equipment you have at home. He is very flexible with his schedule and always on time. Only expects the best effort from his clients. Would highly recommend him."

Kasandrea B.

"I have never had in-home personal training. I always felt it was out of my price range. I decided to try it. Dimitry is highly qualified and professional! He also has a magnificent personality"

Rebecca Gluckman

"Dimitry is very helpful. Always on time for your session and gets back to you via text or email right away! He listens to your concerns and doesn't push you too hard where you can't move the next day, but hard enough that you feel it! He starts every session with a warmup and ends with a stretch to minimize soreness. Highly recommend!"

Mike Bekker

"I'm an events manager and I hired Dimitry to do a boot camp at my event space in Manasquan for a group of 50 people and I couldn't have asked for a better coach! And this crowd was tough - they weren't gym fanatics and weren't thrilled with the idea of doing the exercises, but Dimitry came in with so much energy and personality that he had the guests up on their feet, stretching and moving. He really blew everyone away! After the event my guests were all coming up to me asking his name and contact info since he also does 1 on 1"

Jaida Rodriguez

"First time having a trainer and I am very happy with his work. I would definitely recommend him."

Linda D.

"Dimitry is excellent! I would highly recommend him. Very professional and knowledgeable"

Mike  Aberman 

"After trying out a number of fitness studios I tried out his gym in Marlboro. I've been a client for over two years now and I couldn't ask for more. Dimitry is very approachable, diversely knowledgeable and mindful of his clients needs, abilities and goals"