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Personal Trainer: Dimitry

In 2006, Dimitry left his life of television and comedy for a fitness coaching career. But he wanted to be more than just a "Jersey trainer"

After coining the phrase "JerseyStrong", The Jersey Trainer was born. In the past decade, Dimitry has helped hundreds of clients ranging from high school students and athletes all the way to senior citizens.

Dimitry is a CPT with multiple certifications from the National Council of Strength and Fitness. CPR/AED certified. His combination of exercise and stretch therapy allows you to maximize your workout while promoting flexibility and assisting in recovery. He is the only personal trainer in the area who works side by side with physical therapists and other specialists to expand his knowledge.

He provides private in-home sessions or you can join him at the gym located in Marlboro Township.

Specializing In:

Weight Loss/Management

Strength Training and Sculpting

Cardio Training

Group Fitness

Nutrition Counseling 

Low back pain reduction

Eating Disorder

Post rehab/Injury recovery

Therapeutic stretch

Athletic Performance


Senior Fitness

Flexibility and Balance